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Back Pain Products

Here at Natural-Sciatic-Relief.com we have put together dozens of great articles to help you understand and cure your lower back and hip pain. We also put together this list of the most effective lower back and sciatic pain relief products and trust you will find many of them helpful in dealing with your back pain, neck pain, and sciatica.

Back Pain Products

Heal-n-Soothe – All Natural Pain Relief

You no longer have to risk your health by using prescription drugs with harmful side effects (that only mask your pain and never help heal the REAL cause of your condition) … and … you don’t have to suffer through dangerous or expensive surgeries …

In fact, this breakthrough is 100% natural and the patented formula contains not just 1 or 2, but 11 ALL STAR pain-fighting nutrients in one easy-to-take capsule! (bromelain, tumeric, papain, boswellia, ginger extract, devil claw and more)

It’s called Heal N’ Soothe™! And this remarkable formula works wonders to help restore joint health, ease your aches and pains and bring a flood of natural healing to your body.

Click Here for a free one month supply of Heal-n-Soothe.


Back Pain Products

Complete Trigger Point Therapy

Even though trigger points have been written about in medical journals for over 60 years, their treatment is sometimes associated with acupressure (an ancient Chinese medical process some doctors consider it a type of “quack” medicine).

Yet, trigger points have actually been photographed in muscle tissue with the aid of electron microscopes. (Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, Travell & Simons, 1999). Many doctors are still not aware of this.

Dr. Janet Travell treated President John F. Kennedy’s chronic back pain. Dr. Travell and her colleague, Dr. David Simons wrote “The Trigger Point Manual.” Their research shows that tiny contraction knots in our muscles and tissues, known as trigger points, are the primary cause of pain 75% of the time and a factor in almost every painful condition.

Trigger Points develop when an area of the body is injured or over-worked. For instance, a single event can initiate a trigger point, such as a car accident or a sports or work-related accident. Trigger points can also develop over time through muscle strain from repetitive movements at work or play, postural strain from standing or sitting improperly for long periods at the computer or in your car, emotional stress, anxiety, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, and toxins in the environment.

Developed by a board-certified neurological chiropractor who sought relief for his own disabling low-back and chronic shoulder-arm pain, the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System allows you to pressure massage your trigger points in the comfort of your own home and as often as necessary.

The program’s unique, easy to use design helps you completely relax your muscles while you apply only the amount of deep therapeutic pressure needed, to your comfort level.

There are other hand-held devices available to treat trigger points. However, they require you to tighten your muscles to use, which prevents the deep massage needed to work out and actually “deactivate” your trigger points.

Click here to learn more about trigger point therapy.


Back Pain ProductsThe Best Back Pain Books

The best way to fix your back pain is to truly understand what is causing it. Back pain can be as complex or as simple as you make it, but the key is having an understanding of what’s causing your pain. If you don’t educate yourself you will likely never find lasting relief. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put together this list of the very best books about back pain.  The combined knowledge in the books recommended in our books section will help you gain a clear understanding of what your pain is, why it’s there, and how to get rid of it.

The books in this section cover all of the important aspects of back pain – muscle pain, sciatica, herniated discs, bulging discs, scoliosis, muscle imbalances, posture, trigger points, self treatments, PIPS and psychological pain. Emotional Freedom Techniques and meridian tapping for pain relief, everything you need to know about back pain and self care treatments you will find in the books listed here.


Click here to see the best back pain books.



Lose The Back Pain complete kitMuscle Balance Therapy – Lose The Back Pain System

The Muscle Balance Therapy program called Lose The Back Pain that is offered by the Healthy Back Institute is a complete assessment and treatment program for muscle imbalances. I can attest to the accuracy of the assessment portion of the program because after going through the assessments I was told that I have a right side high hip and a backwards tilted pelvis. I recently switched to a new chiropractor with a very good reputation and went in for an assessment with him. After going through about 150 little tests in his office he told me that my left side hip is pretty much in proper alignment but my right side is twisting up and back. In other words he told me that I have a right side high hip with a backwards tilt. This abnormal torquing of my hips and lower back is probably what’s causing my sciatic pain.

The corrective exercises and stretches provided in the Lose The Back Pain system are unique to you and your condition which is why so many people get good results using this program. I’m still trying, but it definitely seems to be helping more than any other stretches or exercises that have ever been given by doctors, physio-therapists, or chiropractors.

Click here for one of the most effective stretches included in the Lose The Back Pain system. It’s the single most effective stretch for immediate relief of sciatic nerve pain for me. Another important stretch is the basic seated hamstring stretch. This is where you sit on the ground with one leg out and gently reach for your toes, this stretch is often neglected. There are about 18 other targeted stretches and exercises that the Lose The Back Pain system advised me to do and to do them all it takes about 45 minutes out of my day.

Click here to get a free 30 day trial of the Lose The Back Pain system.


Free Trial - Inversion Therapy - EP550 Inversion TableEP550 Inversion Table

Undo the damage gravity has done to your back. The discs in your spine get squeezed together by gravity causing pain, bulging discs and more.

Inversion therapy helps you decompress the spine, taking pressure off nerves, increasing blood flow and hydration to the discs and promoting healing.

While relieving your back pain is your primary reason for considering inversion therapy, there are a number of additional benefits many people experience with a regular program of inversion.

Here are 7 good reasons to use inversion therapy:

  • Maintains your height. Regularly inverting will help you avoid the “shrinkage” that naturally occurs as a result of gravity over a lifetime.
  • Improves circulation. When you’re inverted, your blood circulation is aided by gravity rather than having to work against it. In addition, with inversion, gravity helps the lymphatic system clear faster, easing the aches and pains of stiff muscles.
  • Relieves stress. Everyone knows that a full-body stretch is rejuvenating! An inversion table provides the same feeling of relaxation as a yoga class – with a lot less effort. Many people find that they sleep better with regular inversion therapy.
  • Heightens mental alertness. Any upside-down activity increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, which many experts believe helps maintain mental sharpness.
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion. With inversion, your joints stay healthy and supple, meaning you can remain as active as you were in your younger years.
  • Improves posture. The stretching that comes with reversing the force of gravity on your body helps you sit, stand, and move with more ease and grace.
  • Realigns the spine after workouts. Running and other aerobic activities inevitably compress your spine – often unevenly. One-sided activities such as golf or tennis often pull the spine out of alignment. During inversion, minor misalignments often correct themselves naturally.

Click here to try the EP550 Inversion Table free for 30 days.


The best chair for back pain & bad backs - adjustable office chairBest Chair For Back Pain

No other chair automatically moves and adjusts for you as you move around… always keeping you in the best position and helping you to maintain good posture.

I guarantee that once you sit on this chair, you’ll never want to use another chair again. And that’s because it’s not another “me too” chair – this chair was designed from the beginning to move with your body and the result is perfection.

If you truly want a great chair and at a bargain price, look no further. Order yours now and see for yourself why we and so many others love this chair.

The seat and the backrest swing from a pivot point that matches your body’s center of gravity and its center of motion, so they rotate in perfect concert with you. You are free to move while keeping a comfortable and biomechanically correct posture.

Whether you’re on the keyboard or on the phone, you’ll experience full lumbar support that follows the natural path of human motion. The chair self adjusts so you’ll never have to fuss with seat or backrest adjustments because it simply moves as you move, providing support and comfort in all positions.

Men tend to slouch when they sit. The unique design of the seating mechanism makes it virtually impossible to slouch and helps all users maintain good posture throughout the day, protecting their back and neck from pain.

Click Here for more information about the best chair for sciatic relief.


Freedom Back Support CushionFreedom Back Support Cushion

The Freedom Back is the “Cadillac” of back support pillows designed to fit the shape of your whole back from your upper back all the way down to your hips. This is the easiest way to ease back-pain while sitting and sit with perfect posture (even when you’re not thinking about it). Sitting down will never put unnecessary pressure on your spine and back again. You’ll also love the soothing BUILT-IN MASSAGE (it really feels fantastic).

The unique spinal channel gives you full support without putting pressure on your spinal column. You get a wide back support that wraps around your sides and “hugs” your body.
You get Full-Length back support from your upper-back all the way down to your hips, and the special cut out shape on the bottom makes sure you’re not getting pressure on your sacrum.
Click here for more information about the Freedom Back Support Cushion.

The Nubax Trio Spinal Decompression Unit for Sciatic ReliefNubax Trio Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is one of the most effective ways to get fast sciatic relief. Decompression takes the pressure off of the sciatic nerve which is what causes me most of my pain. I’ve read some bad reviews online, especially on the Nubax discussion threads on facebook, but I can honestly say that the Nubax Trio helps for my particular condition. Once again, it’s not a magic ‘cure all’ device, but I’m certainly glad that I dished out the $300 to get one.

Sometimes if I use the Nubax too frequently or for too long, or if I try to ‘force’ it and more traction than I should I will find it slightly painful afterwards. I’ve learned that less is more when dealing with back pain, so if you get yourself a Nubax Trio make sure you don’t over-do it.

Simply kneel in to the Nubax Trio and with the waist belt firmly in position, grip the handles and allow your body to lean forward. Your body is held by the waist belt while your back is stretched away from your waist, creating a separation in between your vertebra. The separation relieves pressure on your vertebra, spinal discs and nerves. The separation also allows nutrient enriched fluid to circulate amongst the vertebra, which aids ongoing relief and disc re-absorbtion. Some users who have trouble getting up off the floor say they are now using the device in their beds, the Nubax Trio can be used almost anywhere and one of it’s greatest selling features is its portability.

Click here for more information about the Nubax Trio spinal decompression device.


Back Joy Core - Back OrthoticBack Joy ‘Back Orthotic’

The company that created it calls it a “back orthotic” but really it’s a type of seat cushion that when you sit on it, it instantly improves your posture and takes pressure of the spine.

Unlike other devices that you stick behind your back and only give you temporary support, the Back Joy changes the way you sit. It actually forces you to sit up straight which will actually strengthen your core muscles and that’s why they call it the Back Joy “Core”. So not only can it help improve your posture, but the improved strength you’ll have in your core will help prevent future flare-ups.

Back Joy Core gently tilts your pelvis forward to induce a neutral position for your spine. Aligning the sacral region corrects the dysfunctional mechanics caused by sitting. The strain and pressure of supporting your body weight is moved away from the spine’s muscles and ligaments and placed on proper weight bearing bones (the Ischial Tuberosities). Less strain and pressure means less aggravation and pain.

Even with corrected posture, your gluteus muscles will flatten under your body weight. Since the ligaments that connect your gluteus muscles to your back muscles require equal tension on both sides, your back muscles must tighten to equalize the tension. This tightening creates new pain causing stresses in your back.

Only Back Joy Core’s patented Orthotic Cradling System can cup the gluteus muscles and stop them from flattening, effectively stopping the automatic tightening of your back’s muscles when you sit. This avoids pain and strain, and keeps more stress off your back’s muscles, joints, and ligaments.

BackJoy lifts your pelvis up off the sitting surface so you sit as much as 3 inches taller. Your pelvis will float in a natural and protective cradle of muscle tissue.

BackJoy restricts the spreading of the lower pelvis reducing pressure on the lumbar-sacral spine. The six components of the pelvis can work fluidly as one unit, minimizing the wear and tear on the sacral joints.

Click here for more information on the Back Joy back orthotic.


Infrared Heating Pad for Back PainInfrared Heating Pad for Back Pain

Get the ultimate in deep, penetrating heat with this 21st century heating pad. Pain just melts away because deep, penetrating heat delivers more oxygen-rich blood to painful areas and speeds up your body’s natural healing process. It works wonders.

The human body can easily absorb far-infrared heat because of its deep penetrating ability. Studies show that infrared waves can actually penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep into muscular tissue and ligaments. When far infrared heat penetrates through the skin into muscular tissue and ligaments, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate which improves blood circulation and promotes healing and wellness.

When infrared rays penetrate your body they gently warm the muscles and tissue and dilate your arteries, which allows blood to flow more freely through them. Then the infrared rays go to work breaking down toxins in your body-everything from environmental poisons, to toxic substances from food processing, to lactic acid, to free fatty acids, to subcutaneous fat (associated with aging and fatigue), to excess sodium (associated with hypertension), to uric acid (which causes pain). With this detoxification and improved circulation scores of chronic, even dangerous, health problems dramatically reduce or disappear all together.

Infrared heat has been effectively used in the relief of pain from arthritis, back strains, bursitis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, hemorrhoids, migraines, joint and muscle injuries, sciatica, frozen shoulder, lumbago, abdominal pain and diarrhea, rheumatism and more.

Click here for more information about the Infrared Heating Pad for back pain.


Rub On ReliefRub On Relief Pain Cream

The all-new advanced Rub-On-Relief formula is packed with the safest and most powerful all-natural pain relievers on the planet.

A combination of 100% safe pain-fighters — each of which by themselves would be enough for you to feel a HUGE reduction in pain — when you put them together the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Rub-on-Relief is unique combination of cetylated fatty acid esters & other active synergists — big words meaning powerful pain reliever — designed to be rapidly absorbed into your skin for immediate, continuous pain relief.

Pain is often caused as your cells “dry up” and stiffens as the cell membranes get damaged by inflammatory chemicals attacking them all day every day. Rub-on-Relief naturally blocks and protects your cells so they can heal and be “re lubricated.”

This STOPS the cascade of damage to the cell walls in your muscles giving you deep, lasting pain relief that builds up over time. So you have healthier, less painful muscles.

Click here for more info on Rub On Relief pain cream.


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